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SuperCharge Your Strategy

Most strategies fail. Very few leaders are successful at creating, implementing and executing their business strategies. Here are the facts:

  • Only 10% of formulated strategy actually gets executed successfully
  • 85% of management teams spend less than one hour a month on strategy issues
  • Only 5% of employees understand their corporate strategy

For leaders, teams and organizations, effective strategizing is essential for business success. The increasing competitive environment, emerging business trends and disruptive business models make it difficult for organizations, large and small, to avoid mediocrity, or worse yet, their “kodakmoment”.

Senior leadership teams and entrepreneurs that I’ve observed and advised continually look for new ways to develop growth strategies for their business. I’ve learned what must go right and what can go wrong when leadership teams wrestle with strategic issues.

I’ll be addressing how to supercharging your strategy, and the following points below

  • Understanding and Acting on Strategic Distinctions
  • Why Planning Kills Strategy
  • Finding the Strategic Challenge(s)
  • Four Steps to Implementation Excellence
  • Roadmap to SuperCharged Strategic Success

at the upcoming American German Business Exchange (http://www.agbc-munich.com/events/2017-agbc-exchange-saturday-20th-may-2017) on May 20. You’ll find more details at the link I’ve left for you. After this presentation, following by an exchange of ideas with business leaders, entrepreneurs and other consultants, I’ll come back to you via this blog with additional insights for you.

If you’re in Munich on May 20, start your Saturday morning with this energizing and informative business exchange.

I’ve rarely met a strategic leader that wasn’t looking for some ideas to “supercharge their strategy”.

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